Cornerstone Musical Info

Rehearsal Notes for 9/9

Practice at home this week:

  • EVERYONE should be completely solid and OFF-BOOK on the following scenes: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8! You will no longer be allowed to use your script on any of these listed scenes!!!
  • ALL should be solid on “Light of the World,” “We Beseech Thee,” “Prepare Ye", and "Day By Day".
  • DISCIPLES and JESUS should have all solos memorized, as well as all music we have gone through.
  • EVERYONE: Review ALL blocking, choreography, music, and lines. Remember to PRACTICE everything - including the wordless acting. It’s all meaningful!
  • If you have any questions or concerns while rehearsing at home, contact Mrs. Jordan. You don’t have to wonder or worry; always feel free to ask a question!


  • Please practice the songs WHILE doing the choreography at home. Many were not singing while doing the choreography and it's hard to make this happen together without lots of practicing. It needs to become habit to do both at the same time!
  • Practice in front of a mirror and make sure your movements are purposeful and strong (no lazy arms). Check your right and left and make sure you are practicing choreography on the correct side.
  • Also note your facial expression as you practice in the mirror and make sure it matches the intended feeling for each song.

Work ahead: This week, we will block “Day by Day,” all of Scene 4, and “All for the Best” (which is extremely tricky.) Be prepared!

For Monday's Rehearsal:

  • Come prepared!
  • Bring script, pencil, water bottle, and snack.

Rehearsal Notes for 9/6

Practice at home this weekend:

  • EVERYONE: Whatever we worked on in rehearsal, needs to be SOLID by Monday's rehearsal, which means "Save the People", Scenes 1-2 and 5, and "Day by Day" for the disciples.
  • PLAYERS: If you have lines during a parable, you need to have those lines memorized so we can focus on the acting.
  • PLAYERS: Ask your parents to help you find an old silent movie to watch so you can see examples of overacting and communicating without words!
  • DISCIPLES: You need to read through the whole script several times and learn where you react as a group. Work on your solo or storytelling for memory.


  • We had several students without their shoes yesterday. Please send these in on Monday! Players need solid black tennis shoes, such as Converse, Vans, Keds, or generic versions. These can be found at Walmart and Target as well as many other places!
  • Disciples and Jesus need Converse, Vans, or the generic version in colors other than white or black.


  • On Monday, 9/9, Regina Owenby will be taking our cast photos both individually and as a group.
  • We will provide black shirts for everyone.
  • Your child needs to bring a pair of blue jeans as well as a brush or comb for fixing hair at the end of the school day.

For MONDAY's rehearsal:

  • SHOES ARE NOW PAST DUE! Bring your shoes if you did not have them on Friday.
  • CAST PHOTOS: Bring blue jeans and hair brush or comb.
  • Bring script, pencil, water bottle, and snack.
  • Parents, many students are coming to rehearsals without the items that they need. Please help them to pack their bag the day before so things are not forgotten in the morning rush!

Rehearsal Notes for 8/26

PARENTS: Please let us know if your child will not be going home in carpool. Also, if your plans for picking up changes during the school day or even during rehearsal because of weather or other circumstances, please text Tonya Jones (404-969-7832).

Practice at home:

  • EVERYONE: Be sure you have accessed the music through your school email from Mrs. Plate. Also, be sure you are checking the Google Music Site through the school’s website to know what to rehearse.
  • EVERYONE: Whatever we work on in rehearsal each week, needs to be SOLID by the next rehearsal, which mean this week you should be practicing “Prepare Ye” and “Light of the World”—both the music and the choreography.
  • SOLOISTS: You need to be working on your solo and be prepared to sing it in rehearsal.
  • EVERYONE: When you practice at home, practice NOT singing the parts that are not your parts to sing. Several of you were mouthing other people's parts this last week. Practice in front of the mirror to make sure you are not doing this!
  • PLAYERS: Be sure you know which parable you are in and study that parable so you understand it!

CAST PHOTOS (change):

  • We have moved up the date for cast photos so we have more time to use them for promotional purposes.
  • We will be having cast photos taken on Monday, September 9 during rehearsal.
  • We will provide the black t-shirt for everyone, but you need to bring a pair of jeans for that day.
  • Also you will want to bring a hair brush or comb to touch up your hair at the end of the school day!


  • Please see costume information in the post from last week to know what you should be looking for for your child.
  • Some parents have found inexpensive options for black pants and for tennis shoes at both Walmart and Target.
  • If you are having trouble finding something or have a question to whether something will work, please reach out to Tonya Jones.

For next week's rehearsal, FRIDAY, 9/6:

  • SHOES ARE DUE. Please send in the black tennis shoes for Players, and the colored tennis shoes for Disciples. Make sure each shoe is labeled with your child’s name.
  • Bring snack, script, pencil, and water bottle.
  • ALL GIRLS: Your hair needs to be pulled back off of your face for every rehearsal.

Godspell Parent Committees


Kristin Moran, Chair

Darcy Austin

Tracy Baker

Kristen Bush

Effie Jackson

Mary Beth McLaughlin

Julie Shaffner

Loreen Wright


Lisa Lewis, Chair

Susan Moss

JoAnne Murphy


Amy Hackett, Chair

Diane Hoffstedder


Christy Archibald, Chair

Adam Bush

Tom/Susan Pellino

Jason/Melissa Dill


Joy Thomas, Chair

Leigh Beck

Suzanna Trice


Krista Creel, Chair

Jen Edgar

Seema Gupta

Ruth Haile

Kari Nylund

Becky Orwig

Anne Terry

Kari Young

Cast Party/Snacks

Becca Brown, Chair

Sara Hightower

Meghan Schenke

Wendy Stephens

There will not be a Rehearsal Helpers Committee. We would like for anyone available to volunteer to help at least once with carpool and resetting the stage!

Rehearsal Notes for 8/19

We had a great 1st rehearsal this week! Parents, thank you for coming to the meeting! We are excited to get started on this amazing musical!

Practice at home:

  • EVERYONE can now access the music from your school gmail inbox. Start listening!!!
  • EVERYONE learn "Light of the World". Pay attention to the words; they are very tricky. Also practice the choreography at home!
  • PLAYERS: Carefully read the parables that you are in. Highlight where your character comes in.
  • DISCIPLES: Learn your solos/stories. You don't have to have it all memorized but be prepared!


  • PLAYERS will be in a black shirt, black pants, and black tennis shoes.
  • We will provide the black shirt, but you will need to provide the black pants and black tennis shoes.
  • The black pants need to be solid (no symbol or embellishment) and something they can move easily in. Please no leggings.
  • The black tennis shoes can be Converse, Vans, or the Walmart or Target version of this type of tennis shoes. We want them to be solid black but white soles and white laces are fine. These will need to stay at the school until after the shows so they can put them on at each rehearsal and get used to moving in them. Please send in these shoes by Friday, 9/6.
  • DISCIPLES (minus Judas) need to also get Converse, Vans, or the Walmart or Target version, but not in black. We would like for yours to be in different colors, so any color other than black or white is fine. Just remember that they need to stay at the school until November. Please also send your shoes in by Friday, 9/6.
  • Because so many of the cast will be in a black shirt for this show, we will be providing the black shirts to be used for Cast Photos so you do NOT need to find or purchase one.

Additional Parts for Players:

Here are the next set of roles for the Players. Please know that there are still additional roles to be determined as rehearsals are underway.

Scene 2: Parable of the Persistent Widow

Judge: Shreya Gupta

Widow: Clara Young

Scene 3: Parable of the Unmerciful Servant

King: Chloe Nylund

Debtor: Lacie Jones

Fellow Servant: Ava Orwig

Other Servants: Millie Baker, Molly McLaughlin, Katarina Orwig

Scene 4: Parable of the Good Samaritan

Man traveling to Jericho: Hannah Hightower

Robbers: Michael Brown, Charlie Jordan, Asher Moran

Priest: Annabel Murphy

Judge: Sadie Archibald

Good Samaritan: Juliette Dill

Beast: Clara Young

Innkeeper: Caroline Trice

Scene 5: Parable of the Rich Man

Rich Man: Chloe Nylund

Scene 7: Parable of the Seeds

Sower: Lacie Jones

Seed among the footpath: Juliette Dill

Seed upon the rock: Ellie Moss

Seed among the weeds: Hannah Hightower

Weeds: Katherine Beck & Cora Thomas

Good Soil Leader: Sadie Archibald

Good Soil: Avery Hoffstedder & Ava Orwig

Scene 9: Parable of the Prodigal Son

Father: Cole Creel

Younger Son: Rett Bush

Elder Son: Tristan Terry

Landowner: Avery Hoffstedder

Pigs: Lacie Jones, Annabel Murphy, & Caroline Trice

Servants: Millie Baker, Molly McLaughlin, & Katarina Orwig


“O, Bless the Lord, My Soul” Dancers:

Katherine Beck, Shreya Gupta, Ellie Moss, & Cora Thomas

“On the Willows” Trio:

Michael Brown, Charlie Jordan, Asher Moran

For Monday's Rehearsal:

  • Bring your script and a pencil. Have your parts highlighted.
  • Bring a snack and water bottle. Please do not plan on using the vending machine.
  • Pick up is at 6:00 in the usual middle school carpool line.

Director’s Notes

Godspell is a true ensemble show. With the exception of three roles (JESUS, JUDAS, JOHN THE BAPTIST) all cast play themselves.


In this “play within a play,” each cast member will play many roles, as JESUS “selects” various actors to present the parables. (These roles are predetermined, but it should seem as though JESUS is choosing his actors on the spot.)

Other roles include the following:


STORYTELLERS (verbally narrate the parables)

PLAYERS (act out the parables, usually through pantomime)

Most of the musical numbers include either the full company, or large groups of singers. Each parable requires many performers; everyone takes part in sharing the Gospel story. Some cast members may have both solos and Storyteller or Player roles. Suffice it to say, you’ll all be BUSY!

Godspell is a theatrical interpretation of the Gospel According to Matthew. As we walk through the show, the engaging music, humor, and friendship of Jesus and his disciples draw us into the heart of the story in a highly personal way. We ourselves become these disciples, and see in ourselves their hopes, their foibles, their friendship, and their despair.

Having the opportunity to present this acclaimed Broadway musical in a Christian environment is a great blessing. As we rehearse, we will experience this great piece not only as a beloved staple of the musical theatre repertoire, but as the word of our Savior. Let’s join together in prayer that the Lord will use this piece to do a new work in our hearts, and that He will use us to bring the Light of Christ to a world in need.

To God be the glory!

Mrs. Jordan and Mrs. Plate

Congratulations to the Cast of Godspell!

The Cast of Godspell, Jr.

Patrick Stephens - Jesus

Connor Schenke - Judas

Cal Bush - John the Baptist/Disciple

Disciples (In Script Order):

Michael Wright - Storyteller -Scene 3/Soloist “Day By Day”

Bella Pellino - Soloist “Day By Day”

Ethan Lewis - Storyteller - Scene 4 & Scene 9

Claire Shaffner - Soloist “Learn Your Lessons Well”

Griffin Hackett - Storyteller - Scene 5

Melina Jackson - Soloist “Bless the Lord, My Soul”

Adonia Haile - Storyteller - Scene 7

Regan Edgar - Soloist “All Good Gifts”

Eleanor Moran - Storyteller-Scene 9/Soloist “Beautiful City”

Madeline Austin - Soloist “Light of the World”


Clara Young - Widow

Shreya Gupta - Judge

Lacie Jones - Debtor

Ava Orwig - Fellow Servant

Chloe Nylund - King

Rett Bush - Younger Son

Tristan Terry - Elder Son

Cole Creel - Father

Sadie Archibald

Millie Baker

Katherine Beck

Michael Brown

Juliette Dill

Patrick Farley

Charlie Jordan

Hannah Hightower

Avery Hoffstedder

Molly McLaughlin

Asher Moran

Ellie Moss

Annabel Murphy

Katarina Orwig

Cora Thomas

Caroline Trice


Audition material is now available. Please use this link to access all information you will need for Godspell, Jr. auditions.

Registration fee is $200 which will be billed to your Ren web account after auditions.

Auditions are August 13, 9-11:30 a.m. AND 2-4 p.m.

All auditioning students must attend both sessions. You must prepare one song (in above link) for your audition.

Rehearsals are Mondays after school beginning August 19-October 28 from 3- 6 p.m. All rehearsals are mandatory.

When there is no school on Monday (Sept. 2-Labor Day and October 14 - Fall Break), we will rehearse on

Friday (Sept. 6 and Oct. 18)

We will have one Saturday rehearsal/work day on October 5 from 9 a.m. - noon. Every cast member and at least one parent must attend.

Dress rehearsal is Wednesday, October 30 from 3:00 - 7:00 pm.

The performances are Friday, November 1 at 7 pm and Saturday, November 2 at 7 pm.