Plan Field Trip

STEP 1 – Six Weeks Prior: Submit an online form through KiSSFLOW.

  • Select the '+' (Plus Sign Button) in the lower right corner of the website to 'Create New'
  • Select 'Field Trip Request'
  • Complete the online form

STEP 2 – Three to Five Weeks Prior: Send Permission Slip Home to Parents

STEP 3 – Three Weeks Prior: Submit a PO Request for vendors prior to field trip for buses and tickets. (click here for P.O. instructions)

STEP 4 – Two Weeks Prior: Submit money collected using a Monies for Deposit Form and a Check Request Form to the Business Office

WHO should use this procedure? Anyone planning a field trip throughout the school year.

WHEN? Begin 6 weeks prior to your field trip. Plan ahead!

WHY? This allows plenty of time for planning, money collection (if needed) and processing of checks from the Business Office.


Contact your principal or Michelle Briolat at the service center.