The Photographer's Corner

The Photographer's Corner is a meetup/information repository for all of those who are interested in Learning photography.

The Idea

Meetups will begin with short introductions and a topic/lesson for the day followed by a 30-60 minute walk-around shoot using the discussed techniques. The lessons will be geared towards the basic of basics in photography. Moderate to advanced photographers are welcome to come to spread their knowledge as well.

Meetups will take place Once per month in various locations around DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Be sure to check the map to see where the next one will be.

Participants will leave with a photography assignment that they are encouraged to upload to a shared album. In those albums, participants can critique and comment on photos to get others' thoughts. There will be a voting period in which the public can vote for their favorite shot of the month. That photo will be featured and the creator will receive a prize!

The Guy

Shane Redman. I've been shooting professionally now since 2012, but it's been a hobby for much longer. I mostly shoot proposals and weddings, but my favorite types of photography are night and "trick" photography. I'm mostly self-taught to start and advanced to taking online classes before actually starting the business. Over the last few years, many people who have a DSLR but have no clue how to use it outside of Auto mode have asked me if I could help them learn. These meetups are a product of their requests!