Workshop on Interest Groups

November 9 and 10, 2021

10 am to 2 pm EST

Organizers: Arnaud Dellis (UQAM) and Thomas Groll (Columbia University)

Registration to the workshop is free, but necessary to receive the Zoom link.

Here is the registration link to the workshop:

Day 1: November 9, 2021

10.00 - 10.50 am EST

Presenter: Ana-Maria Tenekedjiev (Federal Reserve Board of Governors)

"The Revolving Door and Insurance Solvency Regulation"

Panelist: Joshua McCrain (University of Utah)

11.00 - 11.50 am EST

Presenter: Jan Stuckatz (Humboldt University Berlin)

"Strategic and Sequential Links between Campaign Donations and Lobbying" (with In Song Kim and Lukas Wolters)

Panelist: Michael Barber (Brigham Young University)

12.05 - 12.55 pm EST

Presenter: Clement Minaudier (University of Vienna)

"Friendly Lobbying under Time Pressure" (with Emiel Awad)

Panelist: Keith Schnakenberg (Washington University in St. Louis)

1.05 - 1.55 pm EST

Presenter: Ian Turner (Yale University)

"Dark Money and Voter Learning" (with Keith Schnakenberg and Collin Schumock)

Panelist: Pablo Montagnes (Emory University)

Day 2: November 10, 2021

10.00 - 10.50 am EST

Presenter: Matilde Bombardini (UC Berkeley)

"Investing in Influence: Investors, Portfolio Firms, and Political Giving" (with Marianne Bertrand, Raymond Fisman, Francesco Trebbi and Eyub Yegen)

Panelist: Zhao Li (Princeton University)

11.00 - 11.50 am EST

Presenter: Dana Foarta (Stanford University)

"Market Competition and Political Influence: An Integrated Approach" (with Steven Callander and Takuo Sugaya)

Panelist: Jean Guillaume Forand (University of Waterloo)

12.05 - 12.55 pm EST

Presenter: Benjamin Blumenthal (Paris School of Economics)

"Political Agency and Implementation Subsidies with Imperfect Monitoring"

Panelist: Ken Shotts (Stanford University)

1.05 - 1.55 pm EST

Presenter: Hye Young You (NYU)

"How Are Politicians Informed? Witnesses and Information Provision in Congress" (with Pamela Ban and Ju Yeon Park)

Panelist: Caroline Le Pennec (HEC Montréal)