Fluid mechanics around animals

Snail-inspired open pump [Nat. Comm. RSI]

How animals jump out of water [RSI RSI]

How animals dive into snow or water [PNAS Sci. Adv. PNAS RSI]

How cats and dogs drink water [PNAS, PRF, Sci, CIB]

Water entry or exit

Water entry [JFM1, JFM2]

Water exit [RSI, PRF]

A sinking particle [APL]

Other fluid mechanics

Cavitation bubble pulls a particle [PRL PoF]

Bouncing jets [PRL PRE]

Vortex shedding [PRL EiF]

How spores are dispersed [PNAS RSI]

Our group’s research interest is to investigate mechanics problems emerging from the interaction of biological systems with surrounding environments. Specifically, our research efforts are dedicated to
(1) exploring and understanding how biological systems interact, harness, and cope with fluidic surroundings,
(2) investigating the underlying mechanics principles through combined theoretical and experimental approaches, and
(3) translating bio-inspired ideas and concepts to sustainable engineering solutions.

Please contact Dr. Jung if you would like to join our group as a postdoc, a graduate or undergraduate student.