Sat. October 1, 2022

JOBS Workshop

at MICRO-55

A Workshop to Help Recent PhD Graduates

JOBS is a workshop to help senior graduate students and postdocs prepare for their upcoming job searches. The workshop is targeted towards those seeking academic or industry careers and will feature a series of talks, panels, and networking opportunities for participants. The main goals of this workshop are (1) to provide helpful advice and mentorship to graduate students and postdocs who will soon be on the job market and (2) to provide visibility to a few selected participants by connecting them with potential employers in academia or industry.


Tips from the trenches


Industry research vs. product vs. academic research


Two coffee breaks to socialize with industry and academia leaders

The goal of this workshop is to bring leaders from academics to inspire future generations of professors and industry professionals in computer architecture.

Let us know if you'll be attending!


Abdulrahman Mahmoud

PostDoc at Harvard

Akshitha Sriraman

Professor at CMU

Elba Garza

Professor at U of Washington

Sihang Liu

Incoming Professor at U of Waterloo

Udit Gupta

Incoming Professor at Cornell

Yueying (Lisa) Li

PhD Student at Cornell