Francesco Burroni

[fɾanˈtʃesko buˈrːoni]

Hi! My name is Francesco Burroni.

I am Ph.D. Candidate in Linguistics° with a Cognitive Science° Minor at Cornell University. I am affiliated with the Cornell Phonetics Lab°.

I am also affiliated with the MARCS CILS Nokhook Babylab° at Thammasat University where I have been collaborating with Chutamanee Onsuwan° and her team.

My advisor is Dr. Sam Tilsen°.

Research Statement

My research revolves around the relationship between the cognitive system underlying speech production/perception (phonology) and the physical realization of speech in time and space (phonetics).

I am especially interested in the temporal unfolding of acoustic and articulatory events in speech and their implications for theories of phonological/phonetic knowledge and speech motor control.

My research makes use of both experimental and computational methods applied to a variety of languages and speech phenomena. I have worked with both adult and children populations. To learn more about my research visit the Research Projects section.