While our full site is under construction, here you will find an introduction to CORKBRICK.

Imagine a Lego like system...

to build any structure, wall or furniture,

inside or outside ...

no tools, no screws, no glue...


CORKBRICK is a unique system, that will surely change households, office and many other public spaces worldwide in the next 5 years.

CORKBRICK story started in April 2012 at Lisbon airport coffee shop, on a trip to Casa Blanca... a conversation between father (serial entrepreneur) and daughter (future architect) about flexibility in home spaces. We were discussing solutions for open spaces, specifically searching for ideas to create dynamic guest rooms in our attic. We needed something simple, scalable, easy to mount and dismount - and most importantly without the use of tools, glues, or screws ! That was when we first thought of the potential behind a modular construction brick such as the CORKBRICK concept and designed the first sketches.

Ten days later, already back home from Morocco, we resumed our brainstorming and explored the global market to find that nothing fulfilled our imagination's criteria! There was no concept available with easy modularity and flexibility to build structures and furniture at home for people, such as us, who are hopeless at DIY (Do It Yourself) -- This was the origin of CORKBRICK!

Two weeks later, we started developing a solution for our problem, wondering if other people in the world might be looking for the same solution!

Our biggest challenge was in the optimization of the design of the bricks (or as we call them, the brocks!) -- finding the lowest possible number of brock designs necessary to ensure the highest number of modular solutions and guaranteeing structural stability.

After 16 months of research, testing and trial and error, we finally came up with SEVEN optimized brock designs. Seven brocks to build structures in any possible direction, providing a solution for walls, furniture and any other creative applications at your heart's desire.

We have since patented our invention internationally and developed our own molding technology and production line, optimized to efficiently distribute CORKBRICK from Portugal to Europe and ready for global expansion - USA, Japan, China, Brazil and Australia.

Furthermore, we have entered into three strategic alliances to ensure CORKBRICK is ready for the global marketspace:

  • First, in July 2014, NOVACORTIÇA, a cork industry expert, to secure manufacturing capacity;
  • In January 2015, (Idea)ology group to prepare the expansion to the US market
  • Finally, in December 2015, INAUTOM, that excels in automaton, to support in the development of the production line, molding processes and quality control;

Today, we are ready to start the production line and drive towards providing CORKBRICK worldwide.


Imagine a Lego-like system to build any structure or furniture with no tools, screws or glues-- it's CORKBRICK!

With only 7 different brocks you can build whatever you imagine in any direction. The innovation of the whole system relies on its simplicity, both in terms of usage and production, which makes CORKBRICK a highly attractive and sustainable business.

Its the only solution available in the market that empowers creative minds that cannot face Do It Yourself solutions. Its potential users go beyond the DIY market to reach all those with a passion and enthusiasm to create unique and innovative solutions in their home (and office).

In 20 minutes you can build a wall, a bookcase or a bed... your imagination is the only limit! There is no comparable solution on the market. All with your bare hands, with very light components, it can be handled by any person from 8 to 88 years old!...

Although our initial focus was geared around what we could do for our own attic in our own home, the possible applications and usefulness of CORKBRICK are wide and varied. It serves both household and business environments. Imagine the flexibility it may offer to office spaces— always adaptable to the changes in the company development, in business fairs, to build stands, or even in hotels. The brocks are fully-reusable, long-lasting, ecological, comfortable, whilst being excellent sound proofing and thermal isolation. It is truly a uniquely sustainable solution tailored to anyone, offering immense possibilities only limited by one's imagination.

The possibilities, as you can see, are huge! The usefulness of the CORKBRICK system is obvious; the sustainability of the whole business is easy to demonstrate, too. Your help participating in this campaign and becoming part of our club, will turn this idea and unique concept into a success, hopefully revolutionizing the interior architecture market in a similar way as Lego did in the toy industry...

(Soon we will be delivering CORKBRICK )

CORKBRICK EUROPE: Av. Ten Coronel José Pessoa, 16, 1 - 2750 CASCAIS - PORTUGAL

NIF 513223371

Stay tuned or send an email to info@corkbrick.com if you want to be updated about our site launch.