Corina's Rae

“Your purpose to is find your purpose” - Buddha


My father wrote a poem for me when I graduated college titled “Faces” admiring my many dimensions and how I had grown. My growth is what drove this project.

It all started in my great grandmother’s old farm home, crawling behind the back barn trying to get a glimpse of the rabbits. This is where I felt my first connection with the earth and nature.

A few years later I took my first photography class in high school beginning a new era of creativity and purpose. My first camera was a cardboard box with a pin hole and light sensitive paper. We had a dark room where i felt the glow of red light and comforting smell of processing chemicals. My passion had become so apparent that I received my first camera for Christmas. Canon AE-1, still have it today.

This new passion began a journey of self discovery and a return to a love of the land. Where I took photography more seriously and started to develop my style and perspective.

My formative college years where just that and then some. I drifted from college to college for nearly 7 years until I finally earned my 4 year degree: Bachelors of Science in Marketing. Chosen because I had to chose.

The college years were extended because I spent my 20’s living in Alabama, New Jersey, Tennessee, Georgia, NY & NYC. No one address more than a year. It was brilliant, exhausting and educational. As I stumbled onto my professional in Quality I began to slow down. Got married, then divorced and decided to journey to a new state once again.

My next moment of purpose was a road trip to Charlottesville, VA to see Aubrie Sellers and Chris Stapleton at Jefferson Theater. The brick pathway was lined with photo banners of bug macro photography. Having been a photographer for sometime now, I thought “I can do that”. Living in Lynchburn, VA at the time and spending every weekend in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I soon found myself stalking bugs with my new OlloClip.

Fast forward a few years and here we are today with an endless tally of cities, people and memories behind me. Here I am, a Quality professional who writes, creates and photographs.

Hope you enjoy what I feel compelled to share.