What is the CO Network?

The "CO Network" is a technical social network engineered to accelerate global innovations in: Science, Technology and Culture. A trusted marketplace for the exchange of powerful ideas between scientists, entrepreneurs, innovators and organizations.


Ignite a Computational Renaissance by reducing the transaction costs of scientific innovation.


  • Innovation emerges from unrestrained collaboration
  • Our most valuable currency is rigorous curiosity
  • Every interaction moves towards something created
  • We are all leaders of the computational renaissance.
  • Higher education is not a substitute for action
  • If rules are stupid ignore them, if they are bad, break them!

Why we do it:

Today more than ever, the world needs leadership and COurage. We believe that “Magnetizing Intelligence” is a most powerful formula for solving global challenges.

What we do:

Connect Digitally: We host a variety of community building events designed to educate, engage, and inspire our community to push the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence research and application.

Collaborate Digitally: We have developed an open and collaborative network for “Computational Explorers” to meet and share ideas. Additionally, we provide our members with resources for learning, networking, and career advancement.

Brand Statements:

Connect | Collaborate | Compute on the the CO NETWORK

The CO NETWORK is a marketplace for powerful ideas!

Connect Physically | Collaborate Digitally

"CO" is a social network for real world interactions


CO Network

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We strive to develop inspirational content for "Computational Explorers" around the world.

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