Te Reo Manahua

Verbs and Tenses

He pātai tāku - I have a question

Is there are clear distinction in the usage of the two present tense forms?

Kei te noho tātou

E noho ana tātou

i.e. is Kei te noho tātou 'We sit' and E noho ana tātou 'we are sitting'?

The distinction in usage in English would be -

‘at this very moment we are sitting’ BUT

‘everyday we sit at the table to eat.’

Tōku or tāku?

Possessive pronouns

My favourite things

Here is my round up of thoughts and strugglings with tōku and tāku and possessive pronouns.

I've been trying to learn numbers by playing cards and only using Māori numbers

I have also tried to focus on specific aspects of language when listening to Māori being spoken - at our welcome for our Kaitiaki last week I listened for pronouns! It helped to also make me notice other words I knew because I was intentionally listening rather than letting it wash over me!

and this website ... love it!

Quizlet Activities

I have been using Scotty Morrison's book Māori Made Easy and have created a quizlet to practise each week's words.

https://quizlet.com/_3xuzec - Weekend Wordlist 1

https://quizlet.com/_3xuzae - Whanaungatanga

https://quizlet.com/_3yvbga - Kai Māori

pepeha & karakia

pepeha te Manahua.mp4
tukua te wairua.mp4


He uri koutou nā Tama-Arero? Are you a descendant of Tama-arero?

I liked this one because it made me think about the world of "alternative facts' and the way that politicians nowadays seem to be able to convince people that lies are truth just because they keep on repeating them! It can be a more polite way of accusing someone of lying. I think we would say that someone is being economical with the truth! Soundfile

Ko taua āhua rā anō or Ko taua āhua tonu means Just the same as usual


Possessive Pronouns Dialogue

Still need to make this into a video - but for now it is a sound recording....so many mistakes but hey! we learn from our mistakes - just need someone to give me the feedback. Go for it! Karawhiuia!


Ko wai tēnei tangata?

Thinking about digital story telling.... I had thought earlier in the year about documenting the 100 Day Project that I took part in and had made a start (well the front cover!) on Book Creator. I chose Book Creator because it was something I looked at years ago when it first came out and found it a bit clunky but lots of people seem to be using it and so it must have improved! It has now been released for Chromebooks, and it will import Popplet mindmaps so it is great for planning and brainstorming as kids explore their inquiry projects. Anyway, in the interests of research and to record my challenge, I decided to get on with the project. What I like about it is its simplicity. It doesn't have the beautiful artwork that Storybird has, but you can upload your own images from Drive or your computer storage AND you can use accents and macrons and they stay there when it is downloaded. The added bonus is that you can add sound.

Having finished my 100 Day Project, I embarked on a Te Reo picture book. This gave me the chance to explore the different options available. I love that I can choose a font that is dyslexia friendly. I tried the comic book format which gives me different options for shapes and types of font (although I did stick to the same all the way through!) I also discovered that I could add alt text to the images which is an additional bonus although the voice that reads it to sight impaired leaves a lot to be desired. Still, it's a start.