Nutrition & Dietetics



Students in the Spring 2017 Community Nutrition class would like to share guidelines for healthy food choices with you. We hope you will find useful recommendations on:

    • wise food choices for each stage of the lifespan
    • making healthful food selections on a limited budget
    • healthful food preparation techniques

Our recommendations will be based on the most recent scientific evidence that is available on each topic and hopefully we will clarify some of the current news about food and nutrients.


Athlete's Max Performance Diet

Trying to get the most out of your workouts but just not seeing the results that you wish? We often overlook how important our diet is in while training so here is a breakdown of what you need to know to get the most out of what you eat while training.

Eating Your Wage

Here are 11 healthful, affordable food choices you can be making at the grocery store and practical strategies to save money at the supermarket and in your kitchen!

Breakfast of Champions

Learn about why you shouldn't skip breakfast, ways to step up your breakfast game, and two healthy breakfast recipes you are sure to enjoy!

Portion Distortion

Do you want to learn about the right portion size for you? Understand about the trends of today's portion sizes along with tips and tricks on using daily items to measure your portion sizes.

Expiration Date Confusion

Are you curious about how much food goes to waste in America? Learn about food waste and gain a better understanding about expiration date labels. You can also become more knowledgeable about some ways you can reduce your food waste.

Carbohydrate Controversy

A quick Google search of the term "Carbs" sends some mixed messages. Are carbohydrates good for you? Or are they something you should avoid? Let’s explore the truth about what carbohydrates are and how they nourish the human body.