Login Help Request

District Logins explained....

To login to network computers:

For students logging into a computer this is firstnamemiddleinitial.lastname with 10 digit ID as PWFor teachers logging into a computer this is firstname.lastname with your PW

We have another login for Google accounts which includes Chromebooks and your Gmail (your mail is in your Google account). See my Gmail page HERE for more on Gmail.

For students logging into a Chromebook or Google.com this is firstnamemiddleintial.lastname@stu.corbin.kyschools.usFor teachers logging into a Chromebook or Google.com, use firstname.lastname@corbin.kyschools.usStudents will use their 10 digit ID for the PW. Teachers create their own.

Using the correct info (see left) and login STILL not working? See below...

Teacher/Staff/Student Login Not Working?

Complete the District Login Request form below to have new accounts created or issues fixed with existing accounts.

ANYONE can complete the form. Teachers -you must be logged into your CISD Google account to access this form. If you cannot login, ask a co-worker to complete it for you. Students - you must be supervised by a teacher and include that teachers name with yours on the form.