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Google provides computing and website resources for us to use. I want work together on a website designed for artists and researchers. I've tried to find ways to improve content over time through online platforms like Facebook and Google Sites. I think I can make a collaborative workflow for us to develop creative and safe methods for developing our own content online.

The current media websites are engineered for us to use according to how corporations like Facebook and Reddit want us to. My goal is to let humans be human using new technology that adapts to current trends and allows for regular users to create breakthrough content.

My idea is to include you in this workflow. We'll be curating and editing content for individual profiles that boost our personal and professional lives. The Patreon service will allow supporters to be involved from the first $5 they pledge to me. If they pledge $10 a month, I can set up Google Suites for your custom email URL, either at copypastapublishing.com or caesarnapleswiki.org. $25 is the pledge for supporters who want to accelerate my progress the most. I've made it this far with little money. Now I want to rocket ship this project to a second dimension.

If you have a personal computer or a blog that you write on a tablet or cell phone, an immediate marketing boost from Copypasta could pay off personally or professionally. I'm developing social media websites that are two or three dimensional, expressing myself through colors and textual blurbs that win them over. Join me in utilizing Copypasta solutions to break the mold in our technological life. Pledge $5 a month to see what's really possible. Check out what I made with some of Caesar Naples' artwork:

Inside the Mind of the Cell

Inside The Mind Of The Cell

Indie Publisher

Dreams of Morpheus

by Paul Harris and M. J. Hewitt

The interoperative code of our lives is secretive to us. Open-minded people cannot even see the lines of speech that drive us. We may analyze the "demon" and his placement, hidden, in our lives but only through the recourse of conversation will we be delivered. Paul Harris and M. J. Hewitt both exercised their talent in revealing an emotive, natural display of understanding while they created this book. The ultimate collection in perfect, synchronistic order, you may view a speechless beauty somewhere in the ebook.

Remember, do not read these words lightly. For you must beware

‘those whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad.'

-the authors of Dreams of Morpheus

By M. J. Hewitt

From M. J. Hewitt, a horror author who spreads the demise of his spirit in every bone-sucking chapter. His intense ruminations on dark spiritual forces contain the potion to convert us into the archons of hell.

By Scott Branchfield

The crew of the Webelos launch a mystery during spaceflight that is only solved when someone on the ship observes something completely unexplained. The entertainer, Stot, questions his humanity when the secret is finally revealed.

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