Who are we and how can your reach us. We are the water district for the town of Copperton Utah. We can be reached at 801-255-3411 or email at tdecol@coppertonid.com.

Our administrative body consist of 

Harvey Seal, Chariman 801-330-3896

Jerry Dunaway, Board Member 801-505-5879

Leanne Heagren, Board Member 801-541-5879

Tena DeCol, Office Manager 801-652-4051   tdecol@coppertonid.com 

Scott Harrington, Water Manager 801-502-0367

Dave Sanderson, Accountant 801-580-6327

Jay Springer, Legal 801-413-1600

Billing due date is the 24th of each given  month, there is a 1 day grace period. CID accepts cash, check or money order, drop box located in the door.

8565 West State Highway

Copperton, Utah 84006

PO Box 50

Phone: (801)  255-3411

Fax: (801)  565-9261

Meetings are held the first Thursday of each month unless other wise stated all meetings start at 6:00 p.m. You can find the information for meetings at utah.gov/pmn

Watering Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday for odd address. Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday for even address.

We are committed to protect your privacy.

 Privacy Information we collect is, your name. We do not sell your information to a 3rd party nor share it with the community. 

We use the information you provide to help us as a water district to,"Better Serve You".

Please visit our website for updates and information.

Please contact Tena DeCol at 801-255-3411 or tdecol@coppertonid.com regarding management practices.