CFCS Tech Tidbits

August 2019 - Back To School Edition

1-to-1 Is Here!

Welcome back! This is going to be such an exciting year! We can't wait to see the learning that will take place now that each student has access to a Chromebook. Watching all of our CFCS teachers at the summer Techventure workshops made us realize you are READY for 1-to-1!

Chromebook distribution and procedural information will be communicated by your building principal. This includes Chromebook repair procedures and loaner Chromebook policies.

Summer Technology Updates

Student Chromebook Printing

A district decision was made to disable student printing from Chromebooks. With every student having access to a device and the ability to easily share documents, the need for student printing should decrease drastically. Teachers and staff can still print documents that have been shared. Please reach out to the Tech Department if you encounter any issues, we are happy to help brainstorm ideas and creative workarounds.

BYOT-Guest Wireless

Teachers, students and guests who would like to connect a personal device to the district wireless will now use the CFCS-BYOT-Guest network. This new wireless network does not require a user name or password to connect. Please be aware that this network will utilize the student Internet filtering policy and not all sites may be accessible.

August Tech Tidbits

Solve minor Chromebook issues right in your classroom with the Chromebook troubleshooting guide

Transitioning from Gradecam to Forms can be easy. Keep your paper tests and have them graded automatically with Forms.

Monitor your students while they are working on Chromebooks

Our docking station setup diagrams will have you up and running in no time!

Grades can be imported from Google Classroom into ProgressBook & Signing in to ProgressBook is easier than ever for students

Whether you are new to Edpuzzle or an expert, you now have unlimited storage

New Faces in the Technology Department

Over the summer we added two new members to the Technology Department. Vicki Hoffman will be serving as the department secretary. If you call the tech office in the morning, you will likely hear Vicki's friendly voice on the other end of the phone!

Anthony Schulmeister has joined the department as the Information Technology Specialist. You will see him out and about in all of the buildings helping you with all of your EdTech needs!

Vicki Hoffman

Technology Department Secretary

Anthony Schulmeister

Information Technology Specialist

Nicole has a new Role!

We are happy to announce that Nicole Meyer has assumed a new role within the Technology Department. As Coordinator of Instructional Technology, Nicole will oversee the instructional technology programs and offerings throughout the district. This new position will also allow her to devote additional time supporting the staff with the integration of technology and encouraging innovation in the classroom.

Shoutout to the Summer Tech Crew!

Setting up 3,000 Chromebooks is no easy task! This summer we were fortunate enough to have a hard working crew of CFCS employees, college students and high school students from the GenYes program. They worked the entire summer unboxing, organizing, cleaning and setting up Chromebooks. Thank you to Fred Masuoka, Lisa Smith, Isaac Kirsch, Joanna Stecz, Gavin Davis, Lizzie Daniels, Julian Leff, Tyler Rojas, Meleah Smith and Adam Fonte for all of their hard work!

We are all so lucky to be a part of the CFCS family! Let's start off the year by leaving a quick note of appreciation for everyone to see. Add your note to our Year of Appreciation padlet. If you're looking for a positive way to kick off the year with your students, ask them what they appreciate and collect the responses on your own Padlet or Flipgrid.

Last year CFCS purchased a district subscription that allows every teacher to create an unlimited number of Padlets. That subscription has been renewed and you can continue to use Padlet with your students for online collaboration. If you need help with Padlet you can find a getting started guide over on the Instructional Tools page!

The best way to get in touch with the Technology Department is by submitting a work order. Work orders entered online are automatically entered into our system and can be easily assigned to the appropriate staff member.

For up to date Technology Department news and tech tips, follow us on Twitter @cfcstech.