Year Three


Mr J Thompson, Miss J Roberts

Teaching Assistants

Mrs R Walford, Mrs Y Berry

Our learning.


Our key topic for each term will be as follows;

Term 1 and 2: Local History and Modern Europe

Term 3 and 4: The Stone Age to Iron Age and North America.

Term 5 and 6: Along the Silk Road and The Rainforest

PE and Swimming.

Please have PE kit in school at all times. Your child will need a t-shirt and shorts for indoor PE. For outdoor games, trainers, t-shirt jogging trousers or shorts (dependent on the weather) and sweatshirt will be required. These need to be kept in school as we will be outside as often as possible depending on the weather.

Swimming lessons.

Term 1/3/5 3JT class

Term 2/4/6 3JR class

You will need swimming trunks (not shorts) and a towel.