Year Six


Mrs M Tomlins

Mrs L Kiff

Mrs H Mason


Mrs J Webb & Mrs N Luff

Our learning

In Terms 3 & 4 we will be focusing on The British Empire and India - please see our year group newsletter for further information.

Events and special days

Junior Citizens - 19th February 2018 - Mrs Tomlins' class am and Mrs Kiff's class pm. Please remember to sign and return the form giving permission to go!

Please could all girls wear trousers or leggings/shorts under their skirts as they will be practising the recovery position - thank you!

If your child suffers from travel sickness, please could you ensure that they are properly prepared for the journey.

Thank you

SATs - May 7th - 11th


Homework plays an important role in allowing children to become independent learners and taking responsibility for their own learning. In year six, homework allows children grow accustomed to the demands which will be placed on them as they move into secondary school.

Homework will be given out every Friday and should be handed in on the following Wednesday so that it can be marked.

Your child has been given a homework folder; work in these folders should be neat and tidy and to the same standard as books in school.


Children have spelling lists which they are working through as independent learners. They should practise reading and writing them throughout the week. Children experiencing difficulties with spelling will be working in programmes alongside this.


Below are links to websites which we will be using as part of the school day. They can also to used at home and will often form part of the weekly homework. If you have difficulty getting online please inform your child’s teacher and provision will be made. – for practising and developing mathematics skills through levelled activities. – here children can access the online maths homework. School code: glor – an excellent site for research, games and activities across a range of subjects.