Year Four


Mrs Black

Miss Greenway

Mrs Gilday

Mrs Heritage

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Card

Mrs Berry

Termly oVerviews

Term 1 and 2: Greece Lightning! (Ancient Greeks)

Term 3 and 4: Rotten Romans!

Term 5 and 6: Dreaming Spires Inspires! (Local study of Oxford)

Our learning.

This term, we will be focusing on 'What makes Oxford a good city?' We will have a group visit to Oxford's Christchurch Cathedral as well as our residential to Grendon.


Mrs Black's class will be swimming the first half term, followed by Mrs Gilday and Mrs MacLachlan's class. Miss Greenway's class will swim in January.

Events and special days.

Ancient Greek Day

Tuesday 19th September - at Glory Farm School (see above).

Grendon Residential May 2018

More information to follow shortly.