Head of Sociology

Sociology is a vibrant and living subject that evolves and develops in front of the student like a carpet unrolling in front of us as we watch. This is because it is so current, up to date and constantly changing.

Sociology aims to understand the society we live in and world around us and for that reason it is both a familiar and challenging subject: Familiar because the topics discussed and examined are all part of our everyday lives but challenging because it is necessary to see the world we live in in an unbiased and detached way as well as understanding different points of view about issues we may normally see as decided and unambiguous.

Sociology is fascinating as it tells us answers to questions we did not even know existed. To quote some year 12 students:

"Sociology is a great, challenging and interesting subject. We learn about cultures and different ways of life that I had never event thought about"

"Sociology is eye-opening, it helps you to develop an understanding of different cultures, classes and ways of living"

"Learning about subjects relevant to real everyday life and the society we live in makes sociology interesting and widespread helping to expand your views and perspectives"

"Sociology is so easy to put into context in real life, it is challenging but with common sense it becomes easier"

At The Cooper School we study the AQA syllabus for both GCSE, AS and A Level. This consists of the following topics:

Year 10: Key Concepts and Processes; Families; Education and Sociological Methods

Year 11: Crime and Deviance; Mass Media; Social Inequality

Year 12: Families and Households; Education and Methods

Year 13: Global Development; Crime and Deviance, Theories and Methods