L Byford

Head of Drama

Drama at The Cooper School provides students with the opportunity to explore a range of Genres, skills and the ability to evaluate their work and that of their peers. Devising pieces of Drama which explore key issues and exploring play scripts enables students to create a variety of work whilst encouraging them to work as part of a team, build their confidence and take leadership of performances.

In Years 7, 8 and 9 students study a breadth of topics gradually building upon the core Drama skills and increasingly encouraging them to develop creative pieces for performance. Students are evaluated on their rehearsal, performance and evaluative contributions and work in lessons and have the opportunity to develop these skills further in extra-curricular Drama.

During GCSE Drama students will explore a theme and a play through practical and written Drama, and attend a professional performance which they review. Their final unit allows students to draw on the skills they have learned during their lessons throughout Key Stage 3 and 4 culminating in a practical exam.

Our A-level Drama students will shortly be attending a workshop by renowned Physical Theatre company "Frantic Assembly" when they come to The Cooper School. This is an exciting opportunity for our students and we look forward to the sixth formers teaching the GCSE students what they have learned.