Conway School

Volunteer Information and Training

Volunteers for Conway School include parents who are going to their child's classroom for events, chaperoning trips, or volunteering in any capacity at school events on or off campus.


Each person volunteering for Conway School District must read through the following information (training) and complete the volunteer assessment and information form linked at the bottom of the page.

Please read all the way through this document as we have updated some of the information.

You must also do a WSP background check. Forms are available in the school office and a copy of your Driver's license is required.

If you have any questions, please contact our school office 445-5785 Ext 1116.

Volunteer Handbook can be downloaded here!

Overview of Training

The goal of the Conway Volunteer Program is to provide enhanced learning opportunities for our students by:

Why Become a Volunteer?

As a volunteer you will gain:

How To Become A Volunteer

Volunteer- Definition

You do not need Volunteer training to bring in Birthday treats, attending programs, or concerts, or visiting the classroom for a special event (read-a-thon, readers' theater, etc.)

Approval Process

School District policy requires all volunteers to complete a WA State Patrol Check and this online volunteer training prior to placement every two years. It is quick and painless.

Sign In and Documentation of Hours

All volunteers are required to sign in and sign out in the school office each visit. Documenting your volunteer hours support volunteer recognition events, seek outside funding to continue programs, and to assess the value of the program. Remember to sign out at the end of your visit.

Name Badge/Identification

Please wear your identification badge at all times while volunteering in our school. You need to pick up and drop off your badge at the beginning and end of each volunteer visit. Volunteers do not receive photo ID badges, they will receive visitor badges. This will ensure campus safety while helping staff to recognize our school volunteers. Individuals not wearing identification will be asked to return to the office.

Attendance and Punctuality

Many people are counting on you! Please arrive at your specified place on to volunteer. It is also important that you stay the entire time for which you have committed.

If You Must Cancel

If an illness or emergency arises that prevents you from fulfilling your commitment, please respond as requested on the Volunteer Orientation Resource Information sheet. Ask that the teacher be informed that you will not be there in order to minimize the disruption to the teacher and students you are serving.


You appearance in dress and grooming should be appropriate and comfortable for any task that may be planned.

Accept Direction

Accept direction and supervision, recognizing that you are an important helper. Remember, you do not take the place of a staff member; rather, your role is to provide assistance and enrichment with your personal skills and competence. Be consistent with the school and teacher in observing rules for classroom behavior, schedule, and atmosphere.


As a volunteer in our schools you will be privy of issues and information of a personal nature. You will be under the same rules as Conway staff when you volunteer.

Please follow these basic rules of confidentiality when dealing with information on students and their families, staff and other volunteers:

Cell Phone Use

Cell phones should not be in use during your volunteer time at school.  This is also true for taking pictures or video on your phone.  (See Confidentiality)

Taking Pictures at School

When you are volunteering, you may want to take pictures of your kids or other students in the class.

To take pictures at school, you will need to:


As a volunteer you are acting on behalf of the school district. You must comply with the District’s legal duties to be neutral on matters of religion and not to promote religious or political viewpoints in interacting with students in the course of your volunteer assignment.

If your volunteer assignment involves conversations with students, your obligation of neutrality requires you to refrain from initiating discussions of such subjects. If students initiate discussion on such matters, you are not prohibited from responding about your own beliefs, but you may not use such interactions to promote your personal views.

Volunteer Virtues

Parents, seniors, laborers, business people, everyone in the Conway community, have abilities valuable to our students. A volunteer:

Safe interactions with students

Adults are expected to be aware of the appearance of impropriety in their conduct and the conduct of other adults when interacting with students. 

In the Conway School District we strive to provide a safe, healthy, supportive environment for students, staff, and volunteers. To help ensure this, we ask that you follow these guidelines when working with students:

Dos and Things to Avoid

The following tips may help to clarify and resolve concerns and issues:



A volunteer who violates policies, procedures, or laws will be subject to a review of their volunteer status and a final determination made by the superintendent if the volunteer can continue to work in the district.

 Questions, Concerns, and Problems

On occasion, volunteers working in schools will have concerns or issues that need to be addressed and resolved. To better facilitate communication, please follow these simple guidelines:

Step 1: Begin by approaching the individual staff member involved, if possible.

Step 2: Contact the principal or school office, with any concerns or ideas you may have.

If you observe a problem related to discrimination, harassment or bullying, please report it promptly to a teacher or the principal.

Volunteer rights: As a volunteer, you have the right to:

Please complete the following assessment. Successful completion of this Volunteer Training assessment form along with a satisfactory WA State Patrol check will qualify you to volunteer at Conway School for two years. You will hear from the school principal if you are NOT approved as a volunteer. 

Thank you for Volunteering at Conway School!

The following policies govern volunteers at Conway School. If you have questions about the policies or would like to participate in reviewing policies please contact our district office at 360-445-5785 Ext. 5510

5161 Civility in the Workplace, 5270 Resolution of Staff Complaints, 5630 Volunteers, 5253 Maintaining Professional Student/Staff Boundaries, 3205 Sexual Harassment of Students Prohibited

The volunteer form linked below MUST be completed by you PRIOR to the office completing a background check and you being allowed to volunteer, chaperone, or visit our classrooms.

Volunteer Assessment Form 

LAMINATOR Training:  All volunteers MUST watch a 2m video and take a short quiz on laminator use BEFORE using the laminator.  Directions and a QR code for the quiz are on the laminator.