Ms. McEwen's First Grade

The first grade classroom at Greenfield Elementary School is a fun and busy place. In literacy, we explore Letterland, and meet new characters that teach us about different phonics rules and patterns. We enjoy independent and partner reading, retelling these stories to each other, and making connections with literature. GES first graders are awesome authors! We write to inform, express opinions, and create stories with our imaginations. In math we use the Eureka program. We recently mastered sums and differences to ten, and are now learning about place value and practicing sums and differences within 20.

In social studies, we are discussing needs and wants, supply and demand, U.S. currency, maps, national symbols, and important events in United States history. Our focus in science is animals in winter and adaptations. These first graders are also huge fans of Mystery Doug!

There are a variety of modes to explore these topics. Small group instruction is important, and provides students with opportunities to employ various educational tools. We use technology, direct teacher instruction, independent practice, hands-on activities, and educational games to create a multitude of experiences that help solidify learning.