Karrie Mitschmyer

Visual Arts Teacher

ConVal Regional High School

A little something about me....

Hello! I'm Mrs. Mitschmyer and frequently go by "Mitschy." I am very excited to say that this is my seventh year teaching at ConVal! I can frequently be found working with students as an advisor to the yearbook after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays or making art with students during Art Club on Fridays. I will be teaching 2D Studio Art, 3D Studio Art, Ceramics, and co-teaching Advanced Studio Art with Mr. Putnam.

Years ago, I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Maine College of Art with a focus in Ceramics. I’m married with one daughter Vera (8) and a dog Huxley (14).

I am easily excited by all things clay, glass, and metal.

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