Kelley/Wozmak/ Montgomery Course Information

This semester, I will have a student teacher, Ms. Taylor Montgomery, and co-teacher, Mr. Griffin Kelley.

Our teaching philosophy: In our classroom, we will seek to engage all learners as they grapple with essential questions and required topics. We will be using class time to build positive relationships with students, foster a classroom environment conducive to discussion and learning, and give students opportunities to delve into subject matter through meaningful, contextualized lessons. Formative assessments will serve as a foundation from which these courses will grow. With this base, we can tailor instruction in ways that will best fit students. We will seek to meet students where they are at and provide individualized opportunities to exhibit growth and learning; providing students with diverse means by which they can exhibit their learning is paramount to authentic assessment and a true understanding of student growth. We look forward to working with your students this semester!

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