Earth & Space Science

Mrs. Andria Johnson

CVHS Room 212

Welcome to Earth & Space Science!! This course should prove to be an engaging and meaningful way to learn about the inner workings of the Universe and the Earth, and about their tumultuous history.

Earth-Space Science Course Syllabus:

-- Click here to access the course syllabus electronically. All students and guardians need to read and be familiar with course requirements and expectations.

Course Description:

Using a "project based learning" approach, we will study topics such as the Big Bang Theory, the fate of the sun, the impacts of shifting tectonic plates, how matter and energy are recycled, climate change causes & effects, and how humans and the Earth interact. Students can expect to collaborate regularly with peers on various learning activities and projects, to build scientific and critical thinking skills, and to marvel at our amazing and unique planet. Students can expect to grow as people and as problem solvers!

Here's a link to help you understand why we value "PBL":

Why Earth & Space Science? Careers abound! There will ALWAYS be a need to understand, to clean up, and to save our planets and its resources. View this short video on careers:

Contacting Mrs. Johnson:

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Student handbooks:

-- Click here to access the ConVal student handbook online. Specifically, pages of note are pg. 17 (attendance), pg. 19 (tardies), pg. 21 (electronic devices, plagiarism), pg. 34-35 (student athlete expectations)

-- Click here to access the ConVal Blended Learning Handbook online. Students are expected to bring their charged chromebook to class every day.