March 31, 2019

Parent Meeting: March 6, 2019 at 6:30 pm in the ConVal Library

Our Mattress Fundraiser is coming soon. There will be over 25 beds on display for customers to try. The beds are new, brand name, made to order, available in all sizes, and cost less than retail stores. In addition to beds, there will also be luxury pillows and even adjustable power bases! Please share this information with family and friends!

Check out this cool video to see how it works:

Here is the link to the Facebook event, where we will post about our products, payment options, and other event information: Click “GOING”! “INVITE” your friends! “SHARE” our posts!

How does this work???

A mattress show room will be set up in the ConVal Cafeteria for customers to try out. Our task is to get people to the sale who are in need of a new mattress.

Did you know 1 in 10 people buy a new mattress every year?

Did you know that we made over $7000.00 at last year's sale?

How does my student get money?

If they get someone to the sale and they purchase a mattress, that person will give your students name as their referral and that student will get anywhere from $50 - 125.00 per mattress sold!!!

Last year, we had multiple students make over $200 dollars for referring two people! Also, the student receives money for every mattress sold - not just per referral. So if your referral buys two mattresses - you will receive a portion from each mattress sale.


  • Join the facebook event and invite as many friends as you can:
  • Hang a poster at your work or at highly traffic areas in town.
  • Text a picture of the referral form to all of your contacts. Include the message: "ConVal Music Program needs your help! Mattress Sale March 19th at ConVal. Part of the proceeds will go directly to _your child's name___."
  • Send an email to family and friends with referral form.
  • Get a road sign and hang it in your yard or somewhere visible in your town. (notify me and I'll send one home with your student)
  • Post the referral form with your student's name on social media.
  • Put an notice in your church or town bulletin.
  • Post a picture of the referral form on Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. ​
  • Next time you talk to a friend or family member on the phone, mention the mattress sale! "Hey, any chance you are in need of a new mattress or know someone who is?"

Referral Flier