The Characteristics

Participating residencies are committed to continuous program improvement in alignment with The Lab’s high-quality research-based characteristics*, which are:

  • Authentic inter-institutional partnerships between LEA, accredited credentialing institution, and possibly other organizations (e.g, teachers unions; community organizations)
  • Financially sustainable model
  • Routines to collect, analyze, and use formative and outcome data for continuous improvement
  • Recruitment of diverse, high-ability candidates to meet specific district hiring needs in alignment with focus area of residency (BLE, STEM, SPED)
  • Full year of clinical practice teaching alongside an expert mentor teacher
  • Relevant coursework that is tightly integrated with clinical practice
  • Recruitment and training of expert mentor teachers who co-teach with residents
  • Cohorts of residents in “teaching schools” that model good practices with diverse learners and are designed to help novices learn to teach
  • Ongoing mentoring and support for graduates

*These characteristics are informed by research conducted by Learning Policy Institute and National Center for Teacher Residencies.

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