An education and workforce development consulting group for mission-driven corporations, foundations, and philanthropists. We help develop strategies to scale social responsibility and corporate citizenship programs, realize their effectiveness, and accelerate their impact in the community.

Strategy Consulting

We help identify and create initiatives to help support the changes our clients want to see in the community and in the world; as well as provide ongoing management and advising in the implementation of initiatives both long- and short- term to ensure their success.

Building Learning Communities

We collaborate to develop the most efficient, scalable, and impactful learning communities for grantees and organizations. We help identify best practices and then establish them as norms within organizations with a measurable delivery strategy.


We've worked with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups; large and small foundations; and non-profits serving various social sectors. Here are some of organizations we have worked with.


Christian J. Michael, Managing Director

Julie M. Hornberger, Operations Coordinator

San Francisco, California | 415.523.5974

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