A farmhouse appeal with vibrant designs


DIY classes

I'm offering private DIY classes! All you need to do is gather a group of friends and I provide all the supplies. To learn more go to my DIY page.

I will also be offering a few public workshops each season. To sign up go to my square check out site by clicking this link Workshop Sign up

New seasonal colors at my Etsy store!

My toilet paper crate is stocked and ready at my Etsy store

Looking for a centerpiece? I can make custom arrangements for your wedding or venue. Contact me to get a quote

Looking to try it out yourself? I sell unfinished crates, or you can schedule a customized DIY with me!

Spring-Summer Announcements

We are moving our retail store into a new building! Keep in touch to see when we announce the new location.

We also plan to be at the Farmer's Market with sales and specials over the summer. Follow us on Facebook to see where we'll be at.