Christian Speiser was a Partner with McKinsey and Company working in Zurich, Tokyo and Taipei. His assignments involved solving organizational, strategic and operational problems for European, Asian and American clients. His portfolio over time included chemical and pharmaceutical industries, engineering and machinery as well as aviation and financial institutions. He also headed the European practice for Post Merger Management. He left McKinsey to take over as head of a Swiss paper manufacturer. His task was to restructure the paper company’s balance sheet and diversified operations within a set period. All operational units where eventually sold to industrial buyers. In 1997 Christian joined the leading reinsurance company Swiss Re as Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Executive Board Committee. In line with the growth in size and scope of Swiss Re he established the appropriate group wide Financial Governance. His responsibilities over time included Strategic Planning, Strategic Asset Allocation and Information Technology for the Swiss Re Group. He was initiator and founding Chairman of an industry joint venture in the area of Electronic Risk Exchanges. In 2004 he left Swiss Re to become an independent Investor and Advisor.

Christian graduated in Economics and Operations Research from the University of St. Gallen. During his studies he was also employed as a systems analyst with Fides Informatik and IBM. Christian has been counseling Constellation for several years.


Hanspeter Diener was previously CEO and Partner at Bellevue Group AG which he joined in 2007. Prior to this, he was CEO of WMH Walter Meier Holding AG from 1996 to 2007. Before joining WMH he was CEO of Saurer Rotorspinning Division from 1991 to 1995 and earlier EVP of Jacobs Suchard in their M&A team from 1984 to 1989. During his long professional career, Hanspeter Diener has worked in the areas of strategy, mergers & acquisitions and finance for international listed companies, in which he successfully led international companies as CEO in various sectors for 18 years. As CEO in the finance sector (asset management), he expanded his professional horizons. During this time, Hanspeter Diener was responsible for several successful turnarounds. In recent years, he has supported international private equity companies in their portfolio strategy, in addition to his work as a senior advisor for various administrative board mandates.

After graduating from ETH Zurich and joining a prestigious business consultancy, Hanspeter completed his education with an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Reto Donatsch’s career within the Credit Suisse Group started 30 years ago in the wealth management business. In 1989, as a Director of the Credit Suisse Geneva region, he moved to management functions in the area of wealth-, asset-management and trading. In 1993 he became a member of the executive board of Bank Leu in Zurich, in charge of the private banking. Bank Leu, the oldest Swiss bank, had been taken over by Credit Suisse in 1990. Reto became CEO of Bank Leu in 1996 and was additionally called to the executive board of Credit Suisse Private Banking a year later. The intensifying of the competition, the increasing expectations of the shareholder and the dramatic increase in corporate governance regulations lead to an ongoing pressure to reorganize the business. Fortunately the financial markets were improving at the same time, allowing for substantially increasing the financial results. In 2003 Reto moved to the board of directors of Bank Leu until 2007 when he retired to become an independent adviser and investor.

Reto graduated from the University of Geneva as an economist. He worked and lived in New York/USA, Lausanne – Geneva – Zurich/Switzerland.