Peet Cubs

Cross Country

Summer Running

We hope you are enjoying your summer and are continuing to run even with school being out. There are many opportunities to maintain your stamina. Every opportunity you can take to improve your capacity will help you when the season begins.

Try to sign up and attend as many 5k runs as you can.

Summer running times: please email Coach Willis @ and let him know what you time was.

June 15th- 1 mile time

July 15th- 1.5 mile time

August 10th- 2 mile time

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.

Time Trials:

There will be mile time trails held at the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year

Time Trial: In the Cross Country Athletic class

9 minute mile required for Girls

8 minute mile required for Boys

Time Trial: Students not in CC Class Tryouts: Monday, August 19th (4-5pm) or Tuesday, 20th (8am)

*This is open to students not currently in CC class- if you make the time, you can be moved to the CC class. This is also open to students who participate in other activities and are unable to be in the CC class.

-MUST have PHYSICAL to participate

9 minute mile required for Girls

8 minute mile required for Boys

*Athletes who do not meet requirements will be moved into PE class but will still be able to join after school practice to improve performance.


2019-2020 Peet CC Schedule

Montgomery Moonlight Madness September 5th (Thursday) 5:00

MHS Football Field

Washington Invitational September 13th (Friday) 4:30

Carl Barton Jr. Park

McCullough Invitational September 20th (Friday) 4:00

McCullough Jr. High

Nike South Invitational October 4th (Friday) 4:30

Bear Branch Park (The Woodlands)

District Meet October 18th (Friday) 4:30

Washington Jr High- Host