National Honor Society 

National Honor Society is a prestigious organization founded upon the four characteristics of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. At The Woodlands High School, membership in NHS is reserved for seniors. Students who qualify scholastically will be asked to complete a survey during the spring semester of their junior year. The survey is designed to highlight the qualities of character, leadership, and service. A Faculty Council reviews the survey forms and votes to determine who receives an invitation to join NHS.

The Faculty Council invites students to become members of NHS based on the following criteria:

  • Scholarship – a student have maintained a cumulative GPA of 4.200 for the first five semesters of high school.
  • Leadership – a student should exhibit leadership qualities and be involved in leadership activities each year.
  • Service – a student must participate in several activities each year that provide services to school and to the church or community. Because the National Honor Society is a school organization, at least a portion of the service component must be school related. Jobs are not considered service activities under NHS guidelines.
  • Character – a student should have a good attitude and be honest, responsible, fair, courteous, tolerant, and cooperative.

Faculty Sponsors: Kristen Roberge

**Invited Candidates**

If you have received a invitation letter please download, complete and print your survey. Your answers must fit in the spaces provided in your form. You may not attach any additional pages or create your own version of the form.

Do not staple your pages together. You may paperclip them if you wish.

No Handwritten Surveys will be accepted.


Wednesday, February 26th by 3:00 PM. .

No late forms will be accepted. You may turn them in EARLY

Also In addition to completing the survey form, you will need to provide contact information. To provide this information,

Click on the link and complete the requested information. Please make sure that all inputted information is complete and accurate. Please use proper capitalization etc. so that your address label will be accurate. Double check the accuracy of your email address. This is our only way of contacting you during your senior year if you are indeed inducted. Please know that if inducted you will be required to serve at NHS sponsored events.

N.H.S. Candidate Information

NHS Officer Application