Welcome to the Connahs Quay High School Super- Curricular web page, a series a subject specific tasks designed to challenge and stretch our KS3 learners outside of the classroom.

After each task please ensure that you upload your work using the button below so it can be marked.


Introduction to code breaking - Watch this presentation to learn about code breaking in the war.

Caesar Wheel - You will need to print this.

Caeser Shift WW2 Codes - Use your Caeser wheel to try and crack these codes!

Pigpen Cipher WW2 codes - Use the presentation to help you to crack these codes.

Vigenere Square WW2 Code - Use the presentation to help you to crack these codes.

Transposition Cipher - Can you crack the code?


Parallel Maths -

Welcome to the Parallel Maths Project!

Be challenged, get curious, do maths.

Stretch your brain every week.


Loo Roll Timeline - Attempt to understand the time scale of evolution with our 'Loo Roll Timeline'.

Charles Darwin Biography PPT - Use this presentation to research Charles Darwin.

Darwin Mystery - Put these statements into a logical order to explain why Darwin was considered 'dangerous'.

Charles Darwin Word Bank - This will support your work. Have you included all of these words?

Charles Darwin Biography - Complete a biography of Darwin

Religious Studies