General resources


Induction Guidance Completing Step 2

Target setting example

Adding an Observation

NQT Review example

Adding Feedback



University of Chester Mentor Guide- this includes vital information such as teaching standards, guidance on lesson observations, coaching conversations, examples of the review of progress sheet.

University of Chester training model - this gives guidance on

preparing a timetable for the AT

AT Calendar

Professional Learning File- this gives information on which documents should be uploaded onto Abyassa

Abyassa help guide

The following documents should be upload by the ITT: 'School Induction ', 'Self Audit against Teacher Standards', and 'Compliance Log' (mentor to check)

The following documents should be uploaded by the mentor: 'mentor profile' , and then weekly, 'Lesson Observation Form' and 'Review of Progress Form'.

Additional Resources for Mentors

Induction Policy

Induction Policy