What My Day Looks Like

I wanted to do something different share a video of myself discussing Concord Medical and the scope of our group:

  • We have available ER shifts as soon as December
  • 37K actively licensed physicians in Texas alone
  • I focus on approx 10,000 people who may be capable of working for Concord’s contracts
  • My office is near DFW airport in Texas
  • 7 regional offices that serve almost 60 hospitals
  • Concord is on track to serve 500K patients this year
  • 17+ year history employing more than 1,500 independent contractors
  • I have been with Concord since 2015
  • Proposed Earnings

I recently read an article written by a physician which hit home. It perfectly describes the perspective of a physician focused on serving patients in a rural Emergency Room. Dr. Edwin Leap describes his challenges with transfers, inpatient admissions, ICU, and specialty backup rather eloquently. I think you will appreciate his perspective: What Urban Docs Need to Know About Rural Docs

"When a man walks in with dozens of tiny holes in his back, in April, the standard question is, “Did you get a Turkey?” Life & Limb: In Rural E.R.

"But, as physicians in a rural area, we pay a price. Because we have to endure a certain stigma. The stigma is this: if you practice in a small, rural hospital, you must be less than competent. Because if you were competent, you’d practice in a large, urban teaching/trauma center." The Joys of Rural Practice