Genius Hour

Introducing 'The Genius hour'

We are currently wrapping up our introductory unit to "The Genius Hour" called Design Thinking. This introduction to "The Genius Hour" challenged our students to design a Superhero City within a group. Students got to know the LAUNCH process, moving through the steps for creating and designing new things.

LAUNCH stands for...

Look, Listen, and Learn

Ask a ton of questions

Understand the problem or process

Navigate the ideas

Create a prototype

Highlight what's working and what needs to be fixed

As we continue "The Genius Hour" throughout the year, students will continue to walk through the steps of the LAUNCH cycle. We will present them with a design challenge, in which they will create something amazing that has never existed before.

"The Genius Hour" lessons will take place once a week on Fridays.

We're incredibly excited about this project, which has been spearheaded by Mrs. Beard. Our students will be able to develop their design thinking skills by using creativity, taking risks, learning from mistakes, and applying growth mindset. And it will all take place while they are having fun as designers and inventors.

Credit: The LAUNCH acronym and design framework comes from a book called LAUNCH by John Spencer and AJ Juliani.

our first design challenge:

To design and build a model city for superheroes