The Prom School Edition: Know Before You Go

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The Prom School Edition

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On Friday May 10th, our show will be ASL interpreted by professional ASL Theater Interpreters. For seats with the best visibility for ASL interpretation, please visit this ASL ticketing link.

Character Meet and Greet- If someone in your party would benefit from meeting the lead actors in their costume to make attending the performance more accessible, please contact Becky Robichaud at  before May 6th to arrange a pre-show introduction.

Character Guide

Emma Nolan

The actor playing Emma is Emma Rowland. Emma Nolan is a high school student  from Indiana who becomes the center of controversy because she wants to bring her girlfriend to her high school prom. Emma just wants to attend prom like every other student but struggles with how to advocate for herself through all the attention. 

Alyssa Greene

The actor playing Alyssa is Tara Johnson. Alyssa is a closeted high school student who is secretly Emma's girlfriend. Alyssa faces constant pressure from her mother and friends to be someone she other than who she is. 

Dee Dee Allen

The actor playing Dee Dee Allen is Clara McKennitt.  A classic Broadway diva with a huge ego, Dee Dee is a self-involved star whose fame comes crashing down after a brutal review from the critics. Forced to look at herself in a new light, Dee Dee embarks on a journey of self-improvement and learns to do good for somebody other than herself. 

Barry Glickman

The actor playing Barry Glickman is Bejamin Pixley. Barry Glickman is a Broadway actor known for his vibrant personality and flamboyant fashion sense. Despite his initial self-absorption, he is deeply compassionate and evolves into a committed advocate for others. His journey reflects a transition from seeking personal redemption to genuinely fighting for a cause. Barry's character is a blend of humor, vulnerability, and sincerity.

Trent Oliver

The actor playing Trent Oliver is Jack Gilmore. Trent has spent his career as a Broadway actor, but never reached the stardom he believed he deserved. Best known for his role in the '90s sitcom "Talk to the Hand,” he prizes classical theater roles like Hamlet and Uncle Vanya far more. Overly confident in his Julliard-granted talents he is too self absorbed to see his time for stardom has passed. His journey to redeem his career  takes him on a path of  self discovery.

Angie Dickinson

The actor playing Angie Dickinson is Nadine Johnson. Angie Dickinson is a sharp and witty Broadway dancer with a heart of gold. Brimming with confidence and charisma she is still waiting for her break to play her dream role of Roxie Hart in the musical "Chicago".

Principal Hawkins

The actor playing Principal Hawkins is Wilbur Moffitt. Principal Hawkins is a straight faced school principal, an ally to Emma, a Broadway enthusiast and  longtime fan of Dee Dee Allen. Despite being flustered, he want to support Emma's cause any way he can.

Mrs. Greene

The actor playing Mrs. Greene is  Katie Pohlig. Mrs. Greene is Alyssa's conservative and homophobic mother. She is head of the PTA. and is steadfast in her belief that the prom should not allow Emma to bring her girlfirend to the prom .


The actor playing Sheldon is Sadie Butler.  Sheldon is the stressed out PR manager for Broadway divas Dee Dee Allen and Barry Glickman. She is relentlessly competent but occasionally clueless. Despite often being annoyed by the behavior of her clients, she would do anything to protect and support them (and keep her job).


The actor playing Shelby is Paloma Wigton. Shelby is a classic high-school mean girl who bullies Emma along with her best friend Kaylee. Throughout the show, she learns to accept Emma and encourages Kaylee to do so too. They eventually apologize for how they treated her. 


The actor playing Kaylee is Ava Katz. Kaylee is a self-obsessed mean girl. She and her best friend Shelby have a hard time grappling with Emma's beliefs and are very clear about it. Kaylee eventually begins to accept Emma and shifts her attitude to a more compassionate and open place. 


The actor playing Kevin is  Noah Bruns


The actor playing Nick is Charles Mastromarino. Nick is the pride of the varsity football team and the most popular guy in high school. He loves attention, and thus makes sure to make fun of Emma in front of as many people as possible to increase his popularity. He is also best friends with Kevin.