What is Perl?

Perl was originally developed with an emphasis on system management and text handling. However, as it was revised, other features were included such as regular expressions, signals and network sockets. If you have programming experience in any language, you can easily learn Perl.

Advantages of Perl

  1. One of the nicest thing about Perl is that you can add extensions to the core package. This allows you to access databases and user interface systems and perform other things.
  2. It is available in many platforms. This means that if you coded a program on one platform, you will have a high probability that you can run it on another platform. This means savings in terms of time and also money.
  3. Since most cgi scripts use perl, you have a lot of resources available - both on the internet or in books.
  4. Last but not the least, you get a powerful programming language at little or no cost!

If you want more introductory information about Perl, check these sites: