Google Sites

I used to run this site on Joomla! I find Joomla! an excellent web framework. I like the interface, I like the ease of installing it.

However, one of the problems I had was when I tried converting my site from version 1 to version 3. Apparently, there's been a huge change in the database that it is not a straightforward change. Likewise, I did not want to bother with upgrading my site every so often just to keep it up to date with the current version of the software.

This is why I switched to Google sites.


  1. Google Sites is easy to use. It required some time before I got used to it, but it provides me with all the tools I need to get a website up and running. You just need a google login ID and you can create a site immediately.
  2. It took a while before I got used to navigating through creating a site I like but once I got the hang of it, it was easy.
  3. Google Sites also allows you to integrate your Google apps into your site. If you want to share your Google App documents, you can add a widget to the web page. You can also add a Google Calendar to you site.
  4. The interface is WYSIWYG. Basically, it displays whatever you type in.
  5. It is easy to add an image to your site also.
  6. There are lots of widgets that will do most of the functions you want. If you cannot find one, you can write your own Google App script and add it as a widget. I have included two widgets I created using Google App scripts. Can you find out which ones these are?
  7. It is hosted by Google for free, the site does not have to pay for the hosting.


  1. One of the limitations is that it is not as flexible as Joomla! You are practically stuck with the predefined layouts provided.
  2. Another limitation is that you cannot add a Facebook Like or Share button. There used to be a widget that allows it but my reading from various posts seem to indicate that this is a Facebook issue.
  3. If your site relies on Google Ads and you are just starting to create a new site, then you are out of luck. Google Ads will work on old pages but if you are creating a new site, Google Ads will not work.
  4. You cannot put javascripts into the site. You are basically stuck with the Google App script.
  5. Since it is hosted on Google, sites that require privacy might hesitate to put their private information.


The fact that I am slowly moving my site to Google Sites means that it has met my requirement.