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The alpha360 Data Models

The alpha360 Data Models are a set of tables, constraints and relations, that are the base of the alpha360 ERP and Hospitality project.

They are based on the Relational Model and can be implemented on any Relational Database supported on the WX or .net platform.

In the WX implementations, they are the WX Analysis of the project.

The alpha360 ERP and Hospitality projects

The alpha360 ERP and Hospitality projects are core implementations - based on our alpha360 data models - and include, Business Processes, UI elements (screens and pages), queries, reports and dashboards. Think of them as "building blocks" that let you implement your own ERP or/and Hospitality applications - using WINDEV, WEBDEV or .NET/C# .

Depending on your clients industry and your region, the commercial alpha360 ERPs or/and Hospitality projects may implement 90% or more of your complete applications !!!

Note: they are NOT complete applications and they cannot be distributed "as is" to your end users.
They are "building blocks" or "templates" to help you, the developer, build your own applications and sell them to your customers.
Think of them as building blocks for your implementations.

They come in various commercial versions using the WX or .NET platform

The alpha360 Commercial versions

There are currently 2 major commercial versions of the alpha360 project:

  • The WX version - based on PCSofts WINDEV and WEBDEV technology.
  • The .NET version - based on Microsoft's .net core technology

The WX commercial version

The WX commercial version is implemented as a single WX project and includes WINDEV and WEBDEV configurations/applications.

The WINDEV and WEBDEV configurations share the Data Analysis and the Business Processes and include:

  • the full source code
  • royalty free distribution of your compiled implementations - please note that you are not allowed to re-distribute any code
  • lifetime support and lifetime free upgrades

The .NET commercial version

The .NET version is based on Microsoft's .net core technology and is currently in early beta.

It includes:

  • the full source code
  • royalty free distribution of your compiled implementations - please note that you are not allowed to re-distribute any code
  • lifetime support

The Documentation

The best way to understand the alpha360 project is by reading the documentation and studying the code in the projects.

We have tried to avoid the use of extended code in this documentaion - we want to keep it simple, clear and as general as possible.

In this way, we think, that a developer can understand more quickly the general concepts of the implementation - the concepts that are really important - and study the actual code in its natural place, the project.

Just don't forget to "visit" the main menu area for each menu too - the WEB menus can sometimes "hide these areas".
So, for the menu "CRM", there are actually 3 pages - "CRM", "CRM->Party Entity" and "CRM->the Parties BPs ..."

The Language

The language used in the alpha360 project and the documentation is our "version" of English.

Since our native language is Greek - and not English - we don't expect to get a Pulitzer for our writing.

But we will edit the documentation - from time to time - and try to avoid any embarrassment over the use or abuse of the English language ...

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