Treatment of existing scars

If you have an existing scar that is red, raised, sensitive, or causing stiffness over a joint area then we can help you. Non surgical methods can go a very long way to improving both the feel and the appearance of existing scars.

With the right treatment regime we can help you:

  • Soften and flatten raised, red scarring
  • Improve movement where scarring is over joints
  • Improve sensitivity and pain through the scar area
  • Improve the general appearance of existing raised scars

We also offer a scar massage service.

If we feel our service is not enough to get you the outcome you are after, we work closely with a plastic surgeon and together we can explore surgical options. If you opt for surgical intervention, it's imperative that you make a follow up appointment with us immediately post-op so that we can ensure you get the best outcome possible following your surgery.