Join us online on our Minecraft Server

Server IP:

Alternate IP

Server IP:

Alternate IP

Server runs daily from 3-5 pm except Saturdays & Sundays.

Top 5 reasons to Join the CWK Server

  1. Your child is supervised online by a Computerwisekids Instructor
  2. All players are expected to follow the rules & guidelines and the code of conduct
  3. Math skills reviewed for grades K-5
  4. Players can enjoy a positive screen time experience.
  5. Kids are learning and having fun.

How To Log Into The Computerwisekids Minecraft Server


1. Open your Minecraft Launcher

2. Click "Installations"

3. Click "+ New"

4. In the text box next to Name, type CWK Server

5. Next to Version click "Latest release (1.15.2)"

6. Scroll down and click "release 1.12.2"

7. Click "Create"

8. Click back on the play tab, click the button on the left of the green PLAY button, Select CWK Server

9. Then click PLAY

10. Click "Multiplayer"

11. Click "Add Server"

12. Under Server Name write "CWK Server" and under Server Adress write ""

13. Click Done

14. Scroll through until you find "CWK Server"

15. Click "CWK Server" and then click "Join Server"

You need version 1.12+

There is one Minecraft game, but three different versions depending on the platform that you play on - computer (Mac or PC), gaming consoles (Xbox One and 360, PS3 and PS4) and pocket edition for mobile devices.

You cannot interchange your account between any of them as you please. If you have bought a pocket edition account, you must use a pocket edition device for the game and so forth. For the Minecraft club we are using you will need to buy or own a PC/Mac version ($27 lifetime).

Here is the subscription on Minecraft you need to buy

And here is where you can download the software

Here is a helpful article about the different versions.

To log into the Minecraft server, you have to launch Minecraft itself, click play, click on Multiplayer, then Add Server, now enter in the Server IP or Alternate IP address to Server Address, then click done. When all of this has been completed, you may join the server by clicking on the server and then Join Server.

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