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Unit Breakdown

Unit 1: Identidades

Unit 2: La comida es cultura

Unit 3: Mi familia es tú familia

Unit 4: La vida en la escuela

Unit 5: La vida es un carnaval

Unit 6: El mundo en el que vivo

Entre Culturas 1

A world where language learning takes place through the lens of interculturality, so students can discover appropriate ways to interact with others whose perspectives may be different from their own.

Current Unit: Identidades

Unit 1

There are many sides to our identity. We may be students, athletes, artists and volunteers. In this unit you will learn to talk with Spanish speakers about who you are, and start to develop another aspect of your identity: bilingual communicator connecting across cultures.

Important Updates and Deadlines

  • August 30 2019 Presentation "yo soy"
  • September 4 prueba verbo ser
  • September 13 2019 Presentation " soy bilingue"