What is Exhibition of Learning?

Exhibition of Learning

2020-2021 Virtual Exhibition of Learning

The students really inspired and impressed us with their presentations this year. Rather than have our traditional, huge celebration of learning that features each of the Venture Projects, the pandemic forced us to pivot and host our public presentations of learning on Zoom.

Organized in their mentoring groups, each hour focused on a different set of students who presented either a reflection on learning from their Venture Project or their CARE project. Students presented on everything from quantum computing to raising backyard chickens to a study of art related to civil rights and the Black Lives Matter movement. Fascinating, inspiring, and delightful!

Equally as interesting was the reflection on the process of learning and sharing that our teacher mentors guided each group through to wrap up the sessions. Helping students see their level of skill development and content knowledge application is almost as fun as watching them grow in these meaningful and profound ways. We are so proud of the learning our students are doing!

Samples of Student Presentations

Leilani Presentation.mp4
Skateboarding Video. .mp4
June Exhibition.mp4
Raising Backyard Chickens.mp4