St. Mark's Pursuing Rural Emergency Hospital Designation:
Services Changing

St. Mark’s Medical Center (St. Mark’s) is pursuing a new Federal designation, Rural Emergency Hospital (REH), as a path to keep the facility open and serve the community's healthcare needs with a modified services offering. 

Effective 2/18/2023, St. Mark’s will offer 24/7 emergency medical services, patient observation, and select outpatient services. 

The REH model was designed to maintain access to emergency and critical outpatient services in communities that may not be able to financially support or sustain a community hospital. Read more in this St. Mark's press release. 

St. Mark's Services, effective Feb. 18, 2023
St. Mark’s front entrance is open 7 am - 4 pm, Monday - Friday; please enter through the Emergency Department at other times.

Discontinued Services, effective Feb. 18, 2023