For over a quarter century, Derek has played leadership roles across nonprofit, corporate, and public organizations. Social enterprise leader and community organizer: he builds cross-sector enterprises to solve society's most pressing problems. Analytical, big-picture thinker, network connector, he is able to get the right people in the right seats. He is experienced with a wide range of constituencies, issues, and sectors, and adept at forming unconventional alliances.


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Jennifer Modarelli


Jennifer contracts with companies, business owners, CFOs and controllers to help them thrive and succeed by ensuring trustworthy, smart operational and financial reporting, through the interim support of all accounting functions and strategic planning and guidance.

She has over 25 years of experience in accounting and entrepreneurship. She is a seasoned business leader, with the broad-ranging skills required to successfully evaluate your company’s operations, fill interim accounting positions in GL, AP, AR and HR and lead projects in accounting, strategic planning & financial reporting and measurement.


Susanna Williams

New York

Susanna Williams excels at helping organizations address dysfunction and improve internal processes in order to more successfully meet their goals. Throughout her 20 year career as an educator, administrator, political campaign operative and nonprofit management consultant, Susanna has built a reputation as a turnaround specialist, focused on improving leadership, communication, and relationships. She has expertise in writing, qualitative research, focus groups, program analysis, and leadership coaching.


Mary Meagher

Washington DC

Accomplished executive-level counselor and senior management leader, skilled in producing integrated, cross-discipline strategies for nonprofits, corporations and governmental agencies in order to effectively position them to meet business goals.

Areas of expertise include strategic assessment and planning; internal communications, external affairs, traditional media relations and digital media; crisis and litigation communications; government relations; financial communications and investor relations; marketing communications, brand development and awareness; executive positioning, media and presentation training.

Strong track record in collaborative management and team development, efficient and successful execution of complex projects.


Greg Scully

Seattle | Asia

Greg's consulting and coaching experience includes working with elected officials, for profit and nonprofit leaders, staff and boards of directors. He is an expert at strengthening meaningful relationships and bringing people together to solve problems.

Greg's clients consider him insightful, compassionate, an expert adviser, and wise. If you believe that every conversation can transform how we live and work together, Greg is the right choice for you and your organization.


  • Strategy and Vision: 20+ years of nonprofit leadership experience, with the past 10 as President/Executive Director. Developed multiple Strategic Plans, reporting and measurement systems, curriculum plans, and staff organization.
  • Organizational Leadership: 20+ years of reporting to Board Committees and Leadership, serving as lead spokesperson for donor, parent, staff, alumni, community engagement and as primary media contact. Created collaborative and effective communication and processes between staff and board committees.
  • Development: Manage Annual Fund of $400K, have implemented part or all of three Capital Campaigns, developed annual Community events which are implemented nationwide.
  • Facilities and Infrastructure: 11+ years of managing significant acreage, buildings, facilities, dams, and fleet. Work collaboratively with Board and Staff to design new facilities, which are rustic and safe.
  • Accreditation and Risk: Have worked carefully with ACA, NOLS, the Land Trust Alliance and the National Association of Service and Conservation Corps to maintain accreditation. Served as Chief Safety Officer in all leadership positions.
  • Program Management: Served 8 years as a Program Director, and understand and facilitate effective team process to support and nurture excellent programs.


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