Igniting Fuses between Sectors

Community Strategies ignites the unrealized potential of organizations. Businesses, agencies, and nonprofits are finding new fuel across sectors. Our team pairs the experience and expertise with organizations seeking growth.

We serve visionary leaders who seek growth as social entrepreneurs. Our clients have the fundamentals and want to deliver on potential quickly. To realize their potential, they seek people and tools outside the boundaries of their sector.

A business is building on strengths: it is known for its discipline, efficiency, scale, and capital investment. But its leaders find it limited by its short-term focus driven by quarterly performance, its transactional culture, its success measured in a single bottom line.

A public agency is gaining a good reputation as planned, transparent, and accountable, earning stable funded by the pubic. But its leadership struggle to change its limited pace and it's internally focused relations.

A nonprofit organization is proud of its mission, relationships, commitment, is diversifying revenue sources. But it still finds itself cash-strapped, ill-equipped, and constantly reinventing the wheel.

They pivot!

Thriving businesses

  • Deliver shareholder value
  • Mission-driven workforce
  • Deep brand loyalty

World-changing nonprofits

  • Build social assets
  • Solve problems at scale
  • Sustain innovative solutions

Exceeding public agencies

  • Serve common good
  • Fueled by constituents
  • Nimbly seize opportunities



You can do this on your own, but we'll get you through the hard part where your first-person perspective can be a limitation. We can get you to the real work more effectively.

We work primarily with C-Suite leaders, boards of directors, and their equivalents. Assessments and plans are are thorough and fast, meant expand your perspective and confirm or challenge your judgement. Our products are honest, crisp, and action-oriented.

Internal Capacity

Based on a fresh assessment many clients use help to build new capacity. We can bring short-term cross-sector expertise to result in a long-term return on investment. We work with you to keep your high-cost experts contained so resources get prioritized to people and things that actually get work done.

Secure resources

Your plan will most likely call for new resources, whether they are new employees, new partners, new investors, new hardware, new donors or others. As a lean partner to you, we assist in securing new resources.


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