Interactive Virtual Reality

The Executive Team at MyPad3D combine a mix of expertise in Real Estate, Software Development, and Design. Their innovative use of Virtual Reality is putting their customers at the leading edges of their industries. But their market is still emerging while users learn what is possible with VR.

Community Strategies assists MyPad3D in partnering with public and nonprofit organizations to support museums, affordable housing, and other community benefits. The cross-sector partnerships nourish a mission-oriented workforce, while it also grows a corporate market for this emerging technology.

Expanding opportunity for the people of our region. That’s what we stand for. We invite you to join us in building a network of community-minded people seeking a stronger and more vibrant region.

The Russell Family Foundation has made a long-term commitment to support the Puyallup Watershed Initiative. This initiative supports self-organized "Communities of Interest" - defined as groups of individuals, organizations, and/or partnerships that share specific values, interests, or concerns related to the health of the watershed and its communities. Communities of Interest are collaborative, open-table groups made up of committed individuals and organizations.

Community Strategies provides crucial TRFF and its partners as the Initiative founds as a new organization with sharp strategy and concrete business plan, establishes its capacity to achieve its aims, and identifies new resources.

Helping businesses and agencies achieve their ambitions through effective, authentic engagement with hard to reach audiences.

The Executive Team at Working Green Consulting LLC holds over a century of experience assembling and leading grassroots and campaign teams. As a result, Working Green holds a highly honed set of practices and skills that pubic and corporate entities are learning to value.

Community Strategies assists Working Green in placing its field teams with cross-sector partners. The cross-sector partnerships allow Working Green to grown and maintain a mission-driven workplace that can mobilize quickly to support civic efforts they care so much about.

At Southern New Hampshire University, we believe there are no limits on what you can do, what you can be, or what achieve. This is a University that goes the extra mile - so you can too

Community Strategies and BridgEd Strategies worked with Southern New Hampshire University to develop and disseminate a coherent internal narrative that linked three different units with one shared story. Using social network analysis, we determined the most effective strategy to get faculty and staff buy-in to the new narrative and helped staff members feel comfortable with telling the story of the unified institution.

A Multicultural, Community Based, Non-Denominational Church with a Mission to Show the Unconditional Love of Jesus to the World...

The Pastor and his Ministry work tirelessly to meet the needs of those who are the most at risk if Seattle. Daily, they confront homelessness, youth violence, and discrimination. One of the steepest climbs for the church was maintaining ownership of the building and pursuing its dream to develop as a center for service together with its prayer.

Community Strategies facilitated the congregation in a series of weekend gatherings to build its vision. We worked with the Pastors to restructure its financing, and advised them as they built close relationships with community members who could make meaningful investments. As a result the congregation now owns the new Freedom Church, housing the Youth Violence Prevention Network, the Tommy Thompson Fitness Center, and the Food Pantry serving

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