Onyx Guild

What is the Onyx Guild?

The Onyx Guild is a discord group of amateur teams that hang out and compete with other teams of similar skill. We organise events that anyone can join but team find it easier if they are part of Onyx so they get advance warning of events and can have some input into how the events are run.

What are Our Goals?

1. Improve Amateur Teams - Buy increasing the skill level of Amateur players we help improve the competition and level of skill in the community. It is always more fun to win games than to lose and the best way to win more is to get better at the team aspects of the game.

2. Support The ANZ Community - By supporting community events it shows all stakeholders that there is a good consistent community that is worth investing time, effort and money into. If casual teams see other Amateur teams are involved then more teams will join and the community grows.

How do I join?

It is simple just read and follow the rules and join our discord. Once in discord just introduce yourself in the general chat and become part of our community. Our Rules can be found under Guild Rules and the Discord link can be found under Joining. If you have any questions you can contact us.

Why should I join the Onyx Guild?

Running a team can be hard. Looking for players, looking for other teams to play against and finding tournaments to enter where you wont get smashed. Onyx is a collection of teams that help each other out and practice against each other to improve. We also have players looking for teams so when teams loose players they can easily find replacements.

I don't have a team can I still join the Onyx Guild?

Of course. We have several teams looking for players with a dedicated looking for team channel that you and teams can advertise what your looking for.

I already have a full team can we all join?

Certainly. We mainly focus on players around the Silver to Platinum level but if you have a team and players willing to help out others then your more than welcome.

What are the rules of the Onyx Guild?

They are simple rules based on common sense. They can be found here.